Mkhulu EDP is active in the construction of OHTL ranging from 11kV to 765kV in the Sub-Sahara region.
The company’s experience covers a 360° spectrum of activities and responsibilities from operational activities on project sites through to project management. It provides a full range of manpower and expertise that enables it to offer turn key solutions or construction services, depending on client needs.
Mkhulu EDP is presently recognized as a major industry player in Southern Africa as it is one of the few South African contractors that are Eskom recognised and accredited to construct 765kV Transmission Lines.
There are no limitations and/ or constraints in terms of the size, complexity, equipment or plant requirements of a project for which Mkhulu can tender. From 1993 to 2018, Mkhulu has successfully constructed in excess of 2000 kilometres of high and ultra-high voltage lines both as Subcontractor and a Principal Contractor.