Mkhulu EDP has its roots in historical OHTL Construction company, Eagle Power Transmission (EPT) which was founded in 1993. In 2009, EPT and all its resources were bought over by Mkhulu EDP in 2009 who as a result of its growth since the year 2000 changed its registration to a (Pty) Ltd at the same time.


It was established by two main founding members who saw fit to establish an entity that would include long serving employees as shareholders in the company. This was meant to recognise their commitment and loyalty to the company.

The company has gone through various transformations in ownership, capacity and demographics but it has not strayed from its basic creed. Despite its size and scale of operation, it still operates like a family entity. Some of the traits that could be associated with its family orientated ethos include the fact that shareholders and senior management prioritise employee well-being, retention of employees even when there is no income generated, growth of internal resources and general ‘looking-out-for-each-other’ world view.

The company started out with a staff complement of 30 permanent employees and 80 temporary employees during project execution and increased steadily to 250 permanent employees and 650 temporary employees. Mkhulu EDP currently holds a BBBEE level 1 in its commitment to the transformation agenda.


  • Our Vision
  • Mission

Contribute significantly to the socioeconomic improvement of Southern Africa by leading in the construction of energy infrastructure through the empowerment of people, growth and innovation.

Mkhulu EDP shall forge ahead while still rooted in its core values, beliefs and inherent culture. This shall ensure that the vibrant, humane and multicultural nature of the company is not lost while pursuing growth. Employees shall comprise of highly motivated and competent individuals that as a driven team, excel in construction of energy infrastructure in Southern Africa while \striving to maintain the highest safety, environmental compliance and product quality. Mkhulu EDP shall be synonymous with competency, reliability and integrity.


Being ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification certifies that our management system, manufacturing process, service, or documentation procedure has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance. When working with new clients, our certification will give them the confidence to expect the ISO standards to be met, for when the standards change, we change along with them.
To the company image & employees, being ISO compliant and certified means: